Kuala Batakan Cottage 1 or KBC 1 is a three hectare beach-front property offers green, spacious, private and secure living; an ocean sunrise, singing birds, crashing waves in the mornings, a sea breeze in the afternoons and glittering stars at night. Romantic for couples and perfect for families with active children. With 6 Riverside Villa, 3 Seafront Cottages, 7 Garden Cottages, and 6 Poolside Cabanas, residents of KBC 1 can enjoy seaside comfort in a secure and private compound, with a variety of living arrangements.

Our Services and Facilities Includes:

Fully Furnished Home
Free Satellite TV
Air Conditioner Service
House Utility Maintenance
Building and Garden maintenance

Laundry Service
Drinking Water & Gas Delivery
Wi-Fi (Around Swimming Pool and Cabana areas only)
Official Internet Provider

24-hour Security
24-hour Genset Backup
Independent Water Supply & Treatment
Pest Control & weekly Fogging
Trash Collection & Separation

Swimming Pool
Tennis Court
The Pendopo beach-front Clubhouse
Kid's Playground